Corpus Christians open their arms to their fellow Corpus Christians regardless of varying socio-economic backgrounds or racial and multi-cultural differences. Our campuses, filled with diverse students, are taught to be peace-loving and Christ-like to one another. 
The experiences parted by our dear alumni will forever be cherished and longed for their next return. 

student benefits

every enrolled Corpus Christian is entitled to receive the following benefits:


All students are covered by a group accident insurance policy twenty-four (24) hours a day, from June of the present school year to May of the next calendar year. To claim benefits, parents are requested to present official receipts of expenses incurred.


Upon recommendation of the Guidance Counselor, the school offers educational programs such as tutorial sessions/remedial classes that cater to the academic needs of the students. Other student services include medical/dental services.


The school provides amenities that aid every child’s learning experience. This includes, but is not limited to, the Gymnasium and Sports building at the Macasandig Campus, soccer field at the Pueblo Campus, and AVRs, libraries, prayer rooms for both campuses.:


Our student organizations are designed to help Corpus Christians become well-rounded and socially developed persons. They give the students the opportunities to develop and display individual talents and leadership abilities. Students are encouraged to join at least one of the co-curricular and extra-curricular organizations. The objectives of our student-centered program are as follows:

• to serve as a venue whereby the philosophy and the mission of the school are further articulated;

• to discover the students’ interests in fields other than those related to academics;

• to provide a wide range of opportunities for the development of the students’ special interests/skills in various fields;

• to develop leadership, initiative, creativity, and work values;
to give due recognition to students who excel in non-academic activities.


Throughout the school year, varied activities are scheduled not only for students’ community involvement, but for parents as well.
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences: Parent-Teacher individual conferences are scheduled twice a year. However, teachers may call for individual conferences whenever they feel the need to do so. Parents are therefore encouraged to also make appointments for something important they want to discuss with the teacher. However, no conferences are allowed during class hours.
  • Family Day: A family day is held once a year. It is a day of programs, games, and other activities for the family environment.
  • Parent-Teacher Association: The school believes that education is a collaboration between and among the school, the home, and the larger community. Thus, parents are encouraged to participate actively in the school community life through the involvement in the classroom, grade level and school wide activities and programs
  • Parents’ Forum: Parents speak and share in a forum as community helpers or local heroes.

The school believes that education is a collaboration between and among the school, the home, and the larger community.

“Do not be afraid to face the uncertainties of life. Remember that you are a Corpus Christian, formed in the tradition of excellence, hard work, concern for others, and above all, love of God. This will always put you in good stead.”


Founding Father, Corpus Christi School