Corpus Christi School is an academic community whose members manifest strong academic formation and spiritual maturity which empower them to lovingly and responsibly address the needs and challenges of their calling.



Christian Values & Ideals
Culture of Excellence
Loving Service


Corpus Christi School is a Filipino, non-sectarian, and co-educational institution run by lay Christians. It seeks to make visible God’s love and message to all members of the Body of Christ. It aims at accomplishing this through the following objectives:

• to PROMOTE the students’ readiness to commit to themselves to God, to country, and to their fellowmen;
• to STRENGTHEN character formation, and develop sound emotional, physical, and mental habits;
• to INCULCATE moral and spiritual values in each child;
• to DEVELOP independent study and work habits;
• to IMBUE the proper work ethic in each child;
• to HELP each child become socially well-adjusted and thus learn to live harmoniously and productively with others.

our philosophy

We believe that Reading, Writing, Mathematics and other disciplines are important only if they serve to make the students conscious of their commitment to Christ, and therefore to the task of serving their home, their community, and the nation.

the ccs lifelong vow

To CHOOSE the highest good; 
To COMMIT myself to what is right and true;
To STRIVE to give my very best at all times.


at Corpus Christi School, consider it a privilege to work with parents because we believe parents are the primary educators of their children. Therefore, it is the parents’ right and duty to become the primary role models for the religious, academic, social, psychological, cultural, and physical development of the students. The parents’ choice of Corpus Christi School as the education institution of learning for children entails a commitment to the ideals of the school especially in recognizing that God is the greatest good.

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