Learning at Corpus Christi School is backed by a strong support system among all members of the Faculty & Staff. What makes our faculty & staff special is not because of their strengths, but because of their compassion and willingness to serve one another and the Corpus Christi community.

Corpus Christi School takes pride in maintaining close relationships among her faculty & staff. We uphold the value and mindset of equality, the root behind our unity and oneness in spite of diverse backgrounds.

The faculty & staff at Corpus Christi School are not only academically inclined. They also manifest spiritual maturity which empowers them to lovingly and responsibly address the needs and challenges of their calling.
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We bring out the best in your child

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Corpus Christi School is a Filipino, non-sectarian, and co-educational institution run by lay Christians. It seeks to make visible God’s love and message to all members of the Body of Christ.



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